About us: Lemonissimo

Lemonissimo: About us

Lemonissimo is your online shop for craft materials for making dummy chains with names. Lemonissimo has been your established online retailer for wooden beads and wooden clips for crafting baby accessories since June 2009. Our range is aimed at both wholesalers and private individuals.

Our carefully selected range of high quality craft supplies offers everything you need to make your own beaded baby products. For example, use our quality products to make pretty soother chains, grasping rings and pram chains. Use our letter cubes and wooden beads to create children's and everyday accessories such as ABC chains, arithmetic chains and key chains as well.

Lemonissimo brings together baby accessory craft fans and offers them a colourful place to discover. This is also reflected in the company name: "lemon" is an English word. The Italian suffix "-issimo" makes an adjective out of it and enhances it in the sense of "extreme" or "remarkable". "Lemonissimo" can thus be freely translated as "exceedingly lemony". Together with our logo's cute, friendly smiling frog, this results in a cheerful, summery image that invites you to join in.

Thank you very much for your trust in us as well as continuous support. Enjoy crafting with our wooden beads!

Your Lemonissimo Team