Craft instructions: Pram mobile with name

Make a cute pram mobile from wooden beads

Decorate your pram with a homemade pram mobile. These instructions for making a pram mobile with a name explain how to make it step by step. The mobile is a lovely baby accessory that will keep your child entertained on walks. We hope you enjoy making it!

If you take your time, it will take you about 30 minutes to make the pram mobile.

Video tutorial for making a pram mobile

The craft materials and tools for making a pram mobile with a name

Craft materials and tools for pram mobiles

The tools:

  • scissors
  • lighter
  • tweezers

Step 1: Stringing on the first safety bead and the wooden half ring

stringing the first safety bead and the half ring for a pram mobile

Melt the ends of the rubber band with the lighter's flame. This will prevent it from fraying. Make a double knot at one cord end. Melt it again briefly for more stability.

String the first safety bead with the larger opening facing outwards. Pull the double knot into the safety bead. If necessary, use the tweezers to help. String on a lentil bead and push the elastic band from top to bottom through the first side hole of the half ring.

Step 2: Stringing the lower bead strand and adding the small wooden rings

stringing wooden beads and rings of a pram mobile

String the lower bead strand onto the elastic cord: all wooden beads, motif beads, letter cubes and wooden lenses. Slide the two small wooden rings over the half ring. Only now close the bead ring. To do this, push the elastic band from the bottom up through the second side hole of the half ring.

Step 3: Adding the second safety bead

attaching the second safety bead of a pram mobile

String on one lentil bead and the second safety bead, with the larger opening facing outwards. Pull the rubber band that is sticking out taut. Tie a double knot as close as possible to the safety bead. By pulling the elastic cord beforehand, the double knot will be pulled into the safety bead. Depending on this, you can also push it with the tweezers. Then shorten the rubber band and fuse it with the lighter.

Step 4: Complementing the middle strand

making the middle bead strand of a pram mobile

Slide the wooden rings to the final desired positions. Take the polyester cord and melt the ends. String the bell over one end to the middle of the cord. Double the polyester cord so that the bell is at the end of the cord.

Using the lighter, weld one end of the cord staggered below the other end. String the wooden beads onto both ends of the cord, which you want to be underneath the wooden ring. From below, push the cord through the half ring's middle hole. String on the middle strand's remaining wooden beads.

Step 5: Attaching the wooden clip

attaching the wooden clip to the pram mobile

Tie a simple knot on the last bead. String one of the two cord ends through the wooden clip's eyelet. Tie a tight double knot. Shorten the polyester cord and weld the double knot neatly with the lighter. Attention, heat: if necessary, gently squeeze the melted knot with tweezers or your fingers.

Congratulations, you are done! We wish you and of course the child much joy with your new DIY pram mobile.