Buy high-quality craft materials such as wooden beads and wooden clips for dummy chains, grasping rings and other baby accessories online

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of crafts for babies: Lemonissimo is your established online shop for craft supplies to make dummy chains with name and other baby accessories. Use our quality wooden beads to create personalised dummy chains, grasping rings, pram chains and other DIY baby items as well as homemade birth gifts. Older children are also delighted about receiving and using handicrafts made of colourful wooden beads, such as practical arithmetic chains or ABC chains. For your everyday life, you can use our maple wood beads to create key chains with names, decorative items and more.

Colourful wooden beads, motif beads, wooden clips and other material for your personalised crafts

You will realise: Crafting dummy chains, pendants, bead garlands and other DIY works as well as gifts with wooden beads is a lot of fun.

So discover the variety of products from Lemonissimo:

  • Wooden clips are useful fastening options for your dummy chains and pram chains
  • Motif beads and figures beautifully decorate your artwork as hearts, stars, animals and other cute children's motifs
  • Wooden beads such as classic round beads, safety beads to hide knots and playful grooved beads form pretty bead strands when combined
  • Maple wood lentil beads are narrow wooden beads that bring even more variety
  • Wooden rings and half-rings skilfully round off your craft items as interesting elements
  • Teething pendants and teething rings can be used as highlights of teething chains or pram chains
  • Letter cubes from maple wood or plastic turn your crafts into thoughtful name gifts, such as soother chains with names
  • Strings and elastic bands are necessary as well, of course – because without cord there are no bead strands
  • Little bells attract the baby's attention with their soft ringing sound
  • Crochet beads look beatiful and feel soft for delicate baby hands
  • Body-shaped beads for stringing invite you to make cute beaded figures in combination with safety beads and 3D motif beads
  • Fabric stars are waiting for curious babies to reach for them
  • Silicone rings or silicone adapter rings are helpful if your dummy does not have a ring
  • Key rings in different shapes are the basis of your homemade key chains

Lemonissimo offers you a variety of wooden beads and other accessories for dummy chains as well as other bead crafts.


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Why should I make a dummy chain with my name?

At Lemonissimo you can find everything you need to make a dummy chain with name from wooden beads. But maybe you're wondering: "Why is it worth making a dummy chain yourself?" Making your own soother chain with a name has many advantages.

The dummy chain is an important baby accessory because it is a dummy holder. The wooden clip holds the pacifier chain on the baby's top. This way, the dummy is always within reach for the child. The soother won't fall on the dirty floor and won't get lost either.

If you use letter cubes to incorporate the child's name into the pacifier chain, you get a handmade dummy chain with a name. This makes your dummy holder a personalised DIY baby item. Thanks to the baby's name or nickname, relatives, friends and educators can always assign the soother chain to the right child.

By making the dummy chain yourself, you have full control over the craft materials used. Instead of buying commercially available plain, mass-produced dummy straps, you can use colourful, high-quality wooden beads. Use maple wood beads from Lemonissimo so you know that the wooden beads meet the necessary conditions for self-made baby products. Of course, our other craft accessories such as wooden clips or polyester cords are suitable for making pacifier chains as well.

Making dummy chains from wooden beads yourself gives you lots of creative freedom. Design your own DIY soother chain with name according to your wishes or those of the parents. Choose a beautiful colour combination, cute motif beads and beautiful wooden clips.

A handmade dummy chain with name made of wooden beads is also a thoughtful, individual gift for a birth. The pacifier chain is a practical fashion accessory for babies that makes everyday life easier for parents. The do-it-yourself dummy chain is therefore an original baby gift for a baby shower or christening.

Get inspired by Lemonissimo's wooden bead range for dummy chains – and create your dream soother chains with name.

5 Reasons to Shop Online for Dummy Chain Accessories at Lemonissimo

  1. Variety for your personalised handicrafts: Discover a wide selection of craft materials such as grooved beads, motif beads, letter cubes and rings made from robust maple wood. We also offer crochet beads, milk tooth boxes and key rings for your creative projects.
  2. Quality made in Germany: Our wooden goods come from high-quality German production and are made from robust maple wood. All our wooden craft materials, our cords and our crochet beads are designed with children in mind – from the varnishes and colours to the rounded edges. So you can create baby accessories such as personalised dummy chains with fun and a good feeling.
  3. Sustainability for our children: We attach great importance to sustainability. Our wooden products, such as the wooden beads, come from local German production. Maple wood is robust, therefore durable and a renewable raw material. Wood as a craft material is simply timelessly beautiful.
  4. Creativity for all of us: With our wide range of wooden beads, you can give free rein to your creativity. Whether you want to make baby accessories such as dummy chains and grasping toys, children's accessories such as milk tooth chains and calculation chains or everyday objects such as key fobs – we offer the basis for a wide range of DIY projects. Our step-by-step crafting instructions will help you.
  5. Customer service: Our dedicated service team is available to you both by e-mail and by telephone. We are here to help you with any questions, suggestions or challenges. Your shopping experience is our top priority.